matty11.jpgMatty's European Skincare Salon & Cosmetics is a premier full-service spa that provides the finest products   and services available in skincare. Located on L.A.'s trendy West Third Street, Matty's caters to some of the most beautiful people in the world, including Sandra Bullock, HalleBerry, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Jennie Garth, and Mili Avital.

Matty Solomon, the owner and name-sake of this deluxe spa, received her degree from the prestigious and world-renounced L'Ecole D'Esthetique et Maqueillage in 1977. Matty's professional experience spans over three decades, and she continuously consults with plastic surgeons and dermatologists in order to stay current on the latest skincare and anti-aging advances.

Matty's Salon is an immaculate spa that strives to indulge all the human senses. The transformation from urban to spa begins as one enters through Matty's doors into the neutral-toned, elegantly decorated, and lightly scented waiting room. Soft serenading classical music and fresh flowers complete the effect, as the noise, hassle, and stress of the city begin to ebb away. Treatments are provided in private and pristine rooms where clients are massaged and pampered into a state of heavenly relaxation.

Matty's ingenuity, impeccable taste and enduring quest for the most paramount skin care products impelled her to develop her own skincare line, incorporating all she has learned and longed-for as an aesthetician in her 30-year career. After years of

development and direct consultation with a skincare laboratory, the first of Matty's products are ready for their debut. These treatments contain superior natural oils and herbal extracts personally selected by Matty.



Matty "Purely C" vitamin c serum is a specially formulated, highly concentrated vitamin C treatment that repairs visible signs of aging and sun damage. Topical vitamin C serves as the ultimate anti-oxidant, which promotes cellular rejuvenation and stimulates production of the body's natural collagen. This renewing serum's main ingredients are purified water, sweet almond oil, orange fruit extract and sunflower seed oil.

Matty "Voda" is an essential moisturizing day cream that effectively penetrates the deeper layers of the skin to promote cell rejuvenation and increase skin tone and firmness. The core ingredients in this indispensable daily moisturizer are purified water, organic aloe vera, leaf juice, and sweet almond oil.

One of Matty Salon's most popular treatments is her distinguished 90-minute Collagen Facial, personally developed by Matty. This innovative treatment utilizes the anti-aging protein collagen, which is widely used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons to rejuvenate and restore skin tone and elasticity, thereby improving the appearance of fine lines. The Collagen facial also includes extraction and papaya peeling in order to eliminate dead skin cells and prepare the skin for the collagen gel.

Matty Salon offers a variety of other specialized facials and treatments. The Oxygen Therapy Facial is a popular versatile facial that restores and revitalizes all skin types. This facial provides a cellular detoxification, which makes it especially beneficial in clearing blemishes and treating severely congested skin conditions.

Another renowned and highly-effective treatment is the Glycolic Acid Facial (AHA), which utilizes highly concentrated alpha hydroxyl acids that are naturally found in fruits, sugar cane, and sour milk. This facial is excellent for all skin types, but is ideal for oily and acne-prone skin.

The Moisturizing Azulene Facial begins with a relaxing neck and shoulder massage with essential oils, which is followed by a bio peel and an extraction with deep pore cleansing. The azulene mask is then applied, and helps improve the preservation of water in the skin tissue, thus eliminating dry skin.

In the European Facial, skin is cleansed while aromatherapy steam loosens the pores. A custom-selected nourishing cream is massaged into the face, neck and shoulders in order to relax the muscles and revive blood circulation. Manual extraction of impurities is followed by a Swiss-formula deep peeling and mask, resulting in immediate and long lasting effects.

The Algae Facial is a remedy for signs of fatigue or surface irritation. An ampule of a special algae treatment is added to a mask, which provides additional soothing and calming effects. The nourishing ampule penetrates the skin providing incredible moisturizing benefits. This facial is especially designed to rejuvenate tired skin.

Another popular and exciting skin treatment is the Micro-Dermabraison peel, which gently removes the surface layer of the skin, allowing smoother, fresher skin to emerge. This process reduces wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation imbalances, smoothes-out scaring, and reduces the size of pores. The result is newer, healthier, and younger looking skin.

We invite you to visit Matty's European Skin Care Salon & Cosmetics to experience the luxury, pampering, and personalized professional care Matty's is known for. Come find out why numerous celebrities publicly rave about Matty's! Please visit us on the web at or call for an appointment at (323) 651-2180.